Android Revolution HD 2.0.12 | HTC Desire HD

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Hier die neue Version von @Mike1986_ Revolution HD Rom.

Android Revolution HD 2.0.12 [16.02.2011] -UPLOADING -New kernel 1.2.4 as always by Apache14 * Build optimizations * More GPU RAM allocated * Few kernel fixes * SLUB memory allocator * 20% audio boost from main speaker -Battery life should be now longer -Overall performance is better -WiFi fix included (Ad-hoc moved to the second post) -Twitter updated to latest 2.0.0 -Market updated to latest 2.3.2 -Updater-script re-organized -Busybox different installation method -Minor changes and fixes -Please flash the ROM when battery is charged to 100% -No need to full wipe but it’s still recommended for best battery life and perfor -All themes/extras/mods are compatible with AR HD 2.0.3 -2.0.12 BUT vending.apk is new so every theme with vending.apk needs to be updated

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